Hansen Unitised Site Installation

Site installation

• Brackets are secured preferably from the top face of slab, utilizing Halfen or similar cast in anchors; post drilling can be used if program is an issue but not preferred
• Slab edge mounted brackets can be used but external access would be required to install
• Bracket installation is normally carried out in advance of Panel installation and requires reasonable time to undertake, 2-3 weeks in advance of panel install
• Brackets have adjustment in 3 directions to minimize the need for shimming. Only required is structure is out of tolerance (+/-15 to 20mm)
• Mono-Rail to fix to slab 5 to 10 floors above 1st install area. Use with Electric Winch to haul panels from floor into position
• Alternative Mini Crane (weight approx. 1.5t)
• Suitable Hoist required 2.5m wide by 4m long x 2.5m high or suitable Canti-Deck loading platform with tower crane to vertically distribute stillage’s to floors by M/C
• Suitable Waste Skips by M/C to dispose of timber stillage’s
• Fall Arrest System by HansenFacades
• Any extra Slab Edge Protection by M/C
• Shear wall require external Mono-Rail to lift panels and for cradles for operatives to fix brackets and install panels
• Installation 15-20 Panels per day 100-125sqm per gang of men (6-8)
• Cleaning is generally excluded
vAccess for cleaning either, Cradles from BMU or Abseilers