Hansen Unitised Logistics Proposal

Logistics proposal

Outline Logistics Proposals & Programme

Programme from order to initial dispatch of panels

A minimum period of 26 weeks will be required to finalise details procure materials and manufacture the first panels.

Manufacture & Procurement

Manufacture will be undertaken in UAE at REA facilities.

Transport & Shipping

Unitised panels will be transported using 40ft containers on container ships.
Delivery to UK takes approx. 4-5 weeks depending upon the actual shipping line and details organised at time of shipping.
Delivery to site will be via articulated lorry.
21 Units will be delivered with each 40ft Steel Container. Comprising of 3 No. timber stillage’s each containing a maximum of 7 units per stillage.
It is expected that 1-2 containers would be delivered each day.
Suitable loading out facilities will be required to accommodate the articulated lorries.

Each stillage would be removed using extended pallet trolley.
Two options are then possible to distribute the timber stillage’s, both requiring hoisting facilities by the M/C

Option 1 The timber stillage would be wheeled into the Goods Hoist (By M/C) and then distributed onto the appropriate floor.

Option 2 The timber stillage would be lifted by the Tower Cane (By M/C) and then loaded onto a Canti-Deck (By M/C) and the stillage then distributed onto the appropriate floor using pallet trolley.

The panels would then be decanted onto skates prior to installation, and any feature fin fixed to the unitised frame.
The panels wold then be installed using either a Monorail to support a winch or mobile Mini Crane located on the floors.

Site Programme

It is expected that 2 No. Gangs can install 1000sqm /week or 200 units.