Hansen ThermoSpan Technical

The Hub

Normal Dimension limits

Maximum size:4600mm x 2440mm
Minimum size Single skin:450mm x 350mm
Double skin:450mm x 350mm
Laminated:450mm x 350mm
Aspect ratio:
Single skin maximum:20:1
Fins maximum:20:1
Double skin maximum:12:1
Laminated maximum:12:1
Tolerance on dimension
Single skin:
up to 1 m:± 1mm over
1 m:± 2mm
Double skin and Laminated:
up to 1 m:± 1.5mm
over 1 m and up to 3 m:± 2.5mm
over 3 m:± 3mm
Widths:12, 14, 16 and 20mm
Colour:silver or black
Sight line:varies with design, usually 22mm ± 2mm
Thickness tolerance
Single:as BS EN 572
Max. overall thickness:50mm
All thicknesses:2.5kg per m2 for every mm thickness of glass
Maximum weight
– Single Ply:500kg
– Multiple Plies:1000kg
Strength and Deflection
Allowable stress:90N/mm2
Allowable glass deflection:L/65 at design load
Thermal Insulation
Depending on construction
Single:U value 5.6 W/m2 K
Laminated: U value 5.3 W/m2 K
Double: U value from 1.1 W/m2 K to 2.8 W/m2 K
Safety:Class A to BS 6206 Sound Reduction
Sound Reduction
Depending on constructionRWCtr
10 mm Single:33-3
12 mm Single:34-2
10 mm + 6 mm Double:36-3
19.5 mm Laminated:40-5
Solar and Optical Performance
Depending on construction
Light transmission:84% to 8%
Solar direct energy:68% to 4%
Total solar energy:75% to 11%
Fittings and bracketry:Grade 316 stainless
ThermoSpanTM has been tested to BS 5368 and BS 6375
ThermoSpanTM Double Skin is manufactured to BS 5713

Bow:2mm /m
Roller wave and edge dip:
Roller wave 0.3mm0.15mm
Edge dip0.5mm0.25mm
Roller wave:0.10mm0.05mm
Edge dip:0.25mm0.25mm
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Normal Dimension limits
Maximum size:3000mm x 2250mm
Minimum size:450mm x 350mm
Client designs must be reviewed by HansenThermoSpan
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Print parameters
Maximum size:4600mm x 2440mm
Minimum size:500mm x 300mm
Standard Colours:Polar white, Acid etch effect
Non-standard colours can be supplied.
Standard dot patterns:31% and 39% cover
Standard inverted dots:61% and 69% cover
Standard line patterns:33%, 50% and 67% cover
Full cover:100% cover
Variable cover and non-standard images can be produced from specification or artwork.