Hansen ThermoSpan Benefits


• Maximises daylight penetration
• Can be installed in any plane
• Insulating glass unit, laminated and single glazed options
• Use heat soaked toughened glass for safety
• Available with a laminated option for additional safety in overhead glazing
• Tamper resistant bolts
• Extensive range of environmental performance characteristics
• Choice of spacers from 12 to 20mm, in silver or black
• Seal design to withstand a wide range of temperatures
• Supplied with a seal stable to ultra-violet (UV) radiation
• Hansen ThermoSpan™ Double Skin is a licensed structural glazing product
• Screen printing and sandblasting can be applied to give manifestation, decoration, privacy, diffuse lighting or solar control
• Comprehensive warranty
• Conforms to British and European standards
• Competitive lead times
• Kitemarked products
• Highest quality standards