Hansen Millennium Windows and Doors

Hansen Millennium window and door system

Hansen Millenniumâ„¢ combines classic building architecture with modern technology. With a minimum sightline in the frame, the slim profiles are proving to be extremely popular among imaginative architects and designers who value aesthetics. The profile system is adapted for exterior use and will accept Thermal 20-28 mm double glazed construction or 36-42 mm triple glazed. For interior use 6 mm single glazed is also possible.

See the difference : Traditional profile system (left) vs Hansen Millennium profile system (right)

Vents are structurally bonded into position under factory conditions. Fixed elements are glazed on site. Surface finishes are available either anodized or in a range of powder coated finishes. Dual Colour options are possible on internal and external surfaces. Elements will be designed according to wind loading, size w x h, and number of mullions/transoms.

Options for specially designed non-angular window elements are possible to support circular and arched solutions. Hansen Millenniumâ„¢ profile system can also be used for hinged doors, terrace doors, and turn/tilt doors.

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