Hansen Millennium Profiles

Depending on the length of the applied thermal break, the Hansen Millenium system has been divided into three main groups:
• G24 - with thermal break length 24mm,
• G30 - with thermal break length 30mm,
• G40 - with thermal break length 40mm.

Derivatives of main group (G24A, G24B, G30A, G30B, G40A, G40B) differ from each other in the length of profiles used. Systems without the letter 'A' and 'B' - we use when dealing with standard windows, and the subsystem has the standard interior profile as seen on the picture to the right.

Systems with letter 'A' - we use when we need thicker glass. The thicker glass is accommodated by having a so called 'combi profile', which allows for different placement of the interior glazing bead. See picture to the right.

System with the letter 'B' - we use when dealing with bigger windows. Profiles in this system have more statically strength, but can only be used for fixed fields. If reinforcement is needed when dealing with vents, swords and double profiles must be used instead. The interior profile which is always used with the Gxx 'B' system, can be seen on the picture to the right.

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